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Democratic Principles

We believe that the best government is an efficient government based not on systems or bureaucracies, but on people, ideals and values.

We believe that all Americans reap benefits when we, as a nation, meet our challenges together.

We beleive in equality of all our citizens and condemn any discrimination.

We believe in a society which strengthens our families and protects our children.

We believe in the rights of all our citizens to do a good job in order to acheive economic security and find affordable housing; to seek good jobs at a livable wage, and protection for our workers in a growing, robust economy.  We believe the mentally and physically handicapped must be given the same opportunity for work to reach the American Dream.

We believe in a society which promotes excellence in education, proper nutrition, choices in quality medical care, and a healthy, safe environment for all its citizens.

We believe in a society which values community, has a strong defense and protects our citizens from crime and terrorists attacks.

We believe in a society which respects our elders, who deserve the right to retire with the resources they need and have earned to support themselves in their golden years.

And we believe in pursuing these ideals with honesty and integrity, with respect for the American freedoms, which we are proud to call our own.

As the Democratic Party, we are proud to adopt these principles based on our belief in an America, which values opportunity and equality for all citizens, and respects both the self-reliance of individuals and the benefits of teamwork, to meet the challenges of a fair and just society.


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